1. Diane93 Junior Member

    USA, English
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    Hello All,

    My new friend sent me a note with the word "tristesse" in the title. He went on to say that he was sad because his grandmother had just died. Can someone please tell me how to write my condolences en francais? I haven't known him long so if it could be a brief respectful message I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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  2. orc13 Senior Member

    USA, English
    What about : Toutes mes condoléances pour votre/ta grandmère

    I'm not sure about the "pour"...
  3. missparker76 New Member

    Paris, FRANCE
    Your sentence is correct Orc13. It is the usual expression in these circumstances.
  4. Diane93 Junior Member

    USA, English
    Thank you. I wanted something short and to the point which you gave me.
  5. Lindsey New Member

    English, UK

    We live in England, but have a house in France. We have just learned that a neighbour, who was a farmer aged 83 years, and was a good friend to us, has died. I want to write a short letter to his wife to offer the condolences of myself and my husband. I (THINK I...) know the vocabulary, but I want to be certain to say things in the correct way on this difficult occasion. Can anybody suggest a suitable form of words? I want to say that...
    We offer our most sincere condolences on the loss of her husband, we thought he was a lovely man and a good friend, and we will always miss him. She is in our thoughts and prayers.
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  6. Fred-erique Senior Member

    French living in Spain
    Nous vous présentons nos plus sincères condoléances pour la perte de votre mari, nous le considérions comme ( or "c'était") un homme charmant/adorable et un grand ami et il nous manquera vraiment beaucoup. Toutes nos pensées et nos prières vous accompagnent.
  7. Lindsey New Member

    English, UK
    Thanks, that says it all!
  8. pastrygirl Senior Member

    Austin, Texas
    USA English
    How would I politely express my condolences to a friend for the death of an elderly parent?

    C’est avec regret que j’apprends que ta maman est décédée. Tu as toutes mes condoléances pour ce moment triste et difficile.
  9. xtrasystole

    xtrasystole Senior Member

    C'est bien.

    Cependant, il me semblerait mieux de mettre 'accepte/reçois toutes mes condoléances' (au lieu de 'tu as').

    De toute façon, dans un moment comme celui-là la rédaction n'est pas très importante. Ton ami(e) appréciera ton soutien.
  10. pastrygirl Senior Member

    Austin, Texas
    USA English
    Merci xtrasystole!
  11. SwissPete

    SwissPete Senior Member

    94044 USA
    Français (CH), AE (California)
    If you want to avoid
    you could say C'est avec regret que j'apprends le décès de ta maman.
  12. Chimel Senior Member

    I would say here: C'est avec tristesse que j'apprends...

    C'est avec regret que je vous communique votre licenciement: OK, you say you are obliged to fire someone and you regret it. But I would not use the word for condolences.
  13. xtrasystole

    xtrasystole Senior Member

    It's funny that you should say that. I find the contrary. (Différences culturelles ?)
  14. Yannou New Member

    Coupons les cheveux en quatre:
    "C'est avec regret que j'apprends"= je regrette d'apprendre la nouvelle... Ca n'a pas vraiment de sens, qu'ai-je à regretter dans ce cas.

    Je rejoins Chimel dans son commentaire.

    My $.02:

    "C'est avec grande tristesse que j'ai appris le décès de ta maman. Je te présente mes plus sincères condoléances dans ce moment difficile."

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