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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by a-rose, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. a-rose Banned

    british english
    Ciao a tutti! Hello everyone!

    Vorrei sapere come tradurre 'coniugate' in questo contesto:

    Per quanto riguarda lo stato civile una storia di separazione o divorzio sembra essere fortemente correlata con un rischio piu' elevato di depressione maggiore; dato, questo, discusso e controverso, tanto che Gusmao et al. riportano per le coniugate tassi di depressione e ansia maggiori rispetto alle celibi.

    Regarding marital status, history of separation or divorce appears to be strongly correlated to a higher risk of major depression, given this was discussed and controversial, so much that Gusmao et al. reports that the rates of depression and anxiety are higher in those who were married than those who were single/bachelors.

    Grazie a tutti in anticipo! Thanks in advance!
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  2. Teerex51

    Teerex51 Senior Member

    Milan, Italy
    Assuming we're talking about women: "...higher in married than in unmarried women".
  3. underhouse Senior Member

    Coniugate (feminine and plural) refers to women who are married:

    So starting from your translation:

    ...depression and anxiety are higher in those (women) who are married than those who are single/bachelors.
  4. a-rose Banned

    british english
    yes!!! thank you!
  5. a-rose Banned

    british english
    ho una domanda: ma Gusmao et al. riportano... sono due persone, vero? Quindi 'reports' non va bene in questa frase.

    Grazie in anticipo!

  6. Teerex51

    Teerex51 Senior Member

    Milan, Italy
    No, it must be plural as they're at least two. By the way, the Italian text says Gusmao but it's Landi in the English one...
  7. underhouse Senior Member

    Who knows but if it were as you say the "a" in "al" should be a capital letter.
  8. a-rose Banned

    british english
    The source text doesn't capitalise 'al'.
  9. Mary49

    Mary49 Senior Member

    @ underhouse: There's no capital letter in "al.". It's short for the Latin expression "et alii" = "and others".
  10. longplay Senior Member


    Posso ? La "depressione maggiore" è una sindrome precisa (in inglese "Major Depressive Disorder"- "MDD". Ciao.

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