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constancia de no antecedentes penales

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by Danielita, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Danielita

    Danielita Senior Member

    USA English
    Field and topic:
    This document is a no prior criminal record confirmation letter from Mexico. I am having a little difficulty with the following phrase and I was hoping someone could help correct it or suggest changes. Thanks in advance.

    Sample sentence:
    Que habiendose realizado una minuciosa busqueda en los archivos de esta Dependencia, no se encontro registro de antecedente penal en contra de:

    C. Luis Miguel

    Translation attempt: That after having conducted a thorough search in the files of this Department, no prior criminal record was found to be filed against:

    Citizen Luis Miguel

    Please advise
  2. eesegura Senior Member

    Kansas City, Missouri
    Hola Danielita,

    Your translation basically looks good to me. I might change "in" for "of" in: "...a thorough search of the files..." - but maybe not, as they're very close. The only thing I really question is that the sentence starts out with "That..." Is this part of a bulleted list? If not, you may want to consider just saying, "After having conducted (or "after conducting") a thorough search of the files of this Department (or "the Department's files"), no prior criminal record was found to be filed against..."

  3. chepe jones Senior Member

    i like both your translation and eesegura's suggestion. my only thought would be changing the ending from "to be filed against" to a simple "for"
    as in "no prior criminal record was found for ..."
  4. eesegura Senior Member

    Kansas City, Missouri
    Good suggestion, chepe. :)

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