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  1. Solchu Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Spanish (Argentina)
    When I look up in the dictionary the word "coqueta" I find that it means "vain", but I think vain has a negative cognotation (doesn´t it?)
    And here in Argentina we use the word "coqueta" to refer to a woman that takes a lot of care of her physical appearance (body, hair, skin, ect) and that is very feminime. But we mean it in a very positive way.
    How can I translate this word into English?

    Thanks in advance
  2. colombo-aussie

    colombo-aussie Senior Member

    Spanish - Colombian


    Coqueta = "flirt"

  3. Solchu Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Spanish (Argentina)
    But isn´t it a verb?
    to flirt=coquetear
    flirty=coqueta (could it be?)

    But I think that flirting has more to do with seducing people, rather than taking care of one´s appearance..

    Anyway.. thanks a lot!
  4. Big Lar Senior Member

    República Dominicana
    US (English)
    A mi coqueta (ingles "coquette") es una mujer que flirtea mucho. Quiza no intente acostarse con alguien, pero utiliza su feminidad de una manera inapropiada.

    La manera como tu lo defines, Solchu, me suena como puedes decir "well-dressed". Tambien puedes decir "well-coiffed". Esta frase, admito que no se entienda por todos, literalmente quiere decir que la persona esta bien peinada - pero en su uso cotidiana significa alguien que siempre anda bien vestido, peinado, maquillada, con las unas pintadas, etc...

    Estoy de acuerdo contigo que "vain" tiene una mala connotacion.
  5. yellow crow Junior Member

    USA, english
    Hola Solchu,
    Maybe elegant or well-groomed would give the feel you're looking for.

    flirtatious = coqueta (adj)

    flirt = coquetear, o una mujer que coquetea con hombres
  6. Big Lar Senior Member

    República Dominicana
    US (English)
    Well-groomed... That's the expression I was looking for!!!
  7. drsevita Junior Member

    United States and English
    Both flirty and vain have negative connotations. You could say well-dressed, attractive, or stylish.
  8. parhuzam Senior Member

    Los Angeles,CA
    If you like the person.... they are stylish, well-groomed, chic, dashing, fashionable..

    But if you don't, then they can be just plain vain
  9. yellow crow Junior Member

    USA, english
    There's also meticulous, flawless, polished.
  10. LLoc Senior Member


    Te refieres a coqueta solo en la forma de vestir y arreglarse o también en la forma de ser de la persona?

    En este último caso la palabra seria Seducer (=seductora)

  11. Solchu Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Spanish (Argentina)
    I found my answer!! Thanks to all of you!!

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