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Cordiali / Distinti saluti

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Anna Mary, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Anna Mary Senior Member


    la situazione e' seguente: io scrivo una mail al mio professore, pero' non vorrei finire la mail con Distinti saluti , ma con un fine piu' amichevole.
    cosa mi suggerite?

  2. uinni

    uinni Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    Cordiali saluti (formale ma amichevole)
    Saluti (più formale del precedente e neanche amichevole ma più neutro).

  3. shamblesuk

    shamblesuk Senior Member

    England, English
    Con i miei migliori saluti?

    Che ne pensate?
  4. Elisa68 Senior Member

    Italy Language:Italian
    Mi sembra perfetto!:thumbsup:
  5. uinni

    uinni Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    Formale. Non particolarmente cordiale (forse un po' supino :D )

  6. Sierra Senior Member

    I am writing a letter in Italian to a company that owes me quite a bit of money for some services. After many broken promises, etc. I am more than p*ssed off!

    Anyway, I've almost finished it but want to know the best way to sign off. I know "distinti saluti" and "cordiali saluti" are the standard closing salutions, but given my real irritation with these people, I don't think of them as "distinguished" and certainly don't want to be "cordial".

    I've checked the forum topics but it doesn't appear that there are many other ways to close. Or do these salutions even have any bearing on the tone of the letter?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  7. Max.89

    Max.89 Senior Member

    You want to sign off the letter with an informal greeting?
    I don't know how can I say that,but can't you simply write "saluti"or"ciao"?
  8. Sierra Senior Member

    No, it's a formal letter - I'm sending a "raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno".

    I guess my question is: Is it appropriate to use "Distinti saluti" given that I am angry with them. I don't think I'll use "Cordiali saluti" because I don't want to be cordial or friendly. Better if there's some other closing that is relatively "cold".

    In English, I would therefore not say "My best regards" or equivalent. I'd keep it as "Yours sincerely".
  9. 1947_roswell Junior Member

    Rome, Italy
    Italian Italy
    I'd like use "Distinti saluti".:thumbsup: It's formal but common, useful.
  10. eolion

    eolion Senior Member

    napoli italy UE
    italian italy
    You can use :

    Con osservanza
    To match you're totally far but still polite.
  11. 1947_roswell Junior Member

    Rome, Italy
    Italian Italy
    Eolion non fargli scrivere "con osservanza".
    Non l' ho mai sentito e scrivo lettere ed e-mail tutto il giorno :p

    Uso "distinti saluti" se non ho mai parlato con lui/lei, oppure se non gli/le ho mai scritto prima, e "cordiali saluti" già dalla seconda volta.

    Ovviamente in ambito lavorativo e moderatamente formale.

    Forse se dovessi scrivere ad un capo di Stato o ad un ambasciatore, cercherei di essere ancora più formale.

  12. lattecaffe Senior Member

    Ciao Sierra.

    Distinti saluti è una conclusione assolutamente distaccata da qualsiasi forma di cortesia superflua.

    Cordiali saluti può essere usato quando i rapporti sono, appunto, cordiali.

    Quindi ti suggerirei di usare "Distinti saluti" senza temere di risultare troppo amichevole.

  13. eolion

    eolion Senior Member

    napoli italy UE
    italian italy
    Strano perché si usa eccome, proprio quando non è il caso di inviare saluti né distinti né cordiali.
    Soprattutto in campo commerciale.

    MAVERIK Senior Member

    Italy Italian

    I completely agree with you. " Con osservanza" is formal and suitable for what you want to say Sierra, i.e. being formal but not cordial.

  15. 1947_roswell Junior Member

    Rome, Italy
    Italian Italy
    I definitely agree.
  16. Saoul

    Saoul Senior Member

    Se ricevessi una comunicazione che si chiude con l'espressione "con osservanza" resterei alquanto basito. Mai sentita, vista, letta.
    Sono d'accordo invece con la chiusura "distinti saluti", in questo caso, visto che la cordialità tende a scomparire in situazioni di "recupero crediti".

    MAVERIK Senior Member

    Italy Italian
    Certo che si usa , sono più che d'accordo con te !
  18. Aelfarh New Member

    Spanish - Mexico
    Is it ok to end a bussiness mail with "migliori saluti" ?

    And for opening, in english will be:

    Dear XX, good day...

    How do you put it on italian?
  19. nexus Senior Member

    italian, italy
    Is it ok to end a bussiness mail with "migliori saluti" ?

    You'd better use "cordiali" or "distinti"
  20. 1947_roswell Junior Member

    Rome, Italy
    Italian Italy
    opening a letter, business mail speaking, in my office we use write:” Gentile dottore/dottoressa”, because we deal with doctors. Then our standard letter goes on this way: “desideriamo ringraziarLa per averci contattato e, come da Sua richiesta, Le trasmettiamo la nostra offerta…”
    If I write to a friend: “Caro/cara… ” or “Ciao… “

    I hope it helps.
  21. NagiMahori

    NagiMahori Senior Member


    No no please! "con osservanza" sounds like some medieval minion that greets an inquisition Cardinal or some sort of Cruel LORD - by approaching
    the bloody tasks he ordered him!

    Stick to: 1° -Cordiali Saluti /2°-Distinti Saluti = the same but 1° a bit more "touching".

    The italian's letter ending are less then the other languages, and for formal use just those 2.
  22. Giorgio Spizzi Senior Member

    Personalmente non capisco (e non amo) "Distinti saluti". Cosa significa? Cosa faccio per far sì che i miei saluti risultino distinti? E distinti da che (o da quali altri)?
    Secondo me i saluti potranno essere "cordiali", "molto cordiali", "assai cordiali".
    Per le medesime ragioni non riesco a concepire: "Distinti auguri": mi sembrano appropriati a chi dice "la mia signora".

    Cari saluti.

  23. byrne Senior Member

    English - UK (Londoner)
    At work, I often use (in e-mails) cordialità, because I read it once and "a pelle" thought it sounded neutral but not too detatched which is what I was looking for... Natives, should I stop?
  24. Giorgio Spizzi Senior Member

    No, it's perfectly ok. Only a trifle old-fashoned, maybe. "(Assai) cordialmente", "Con viva cordialità" are among my favourites.

  25. Mouredtiger New Member

    Trieste, Italy
    Good morning everybody!

    To open a commercial letter in english when we have: "Dear Sirs", in italian we use: "Spettabile Ditta";
    and if we have "Dear mr/ms/someone" in italian we translate "Egregio sig./dott" (to a male person) or "Gentile sig.ra/dott.ssa" (to a female person).
    You can also use "Preg.mo/ma sig./sig.ra" which is more formal.

    To close a commercial letter you can use "I migliori saluti" as well.
    Distinti saluti is the most formal and fair closing form indeed.
    Cordiali saluti is more confident, and "Cordialità" is.. commercial slang when you are almost friends! :p

    "Con osservanza" is a closing form for judicial deeds so.. if used in commercial letters I don't think they did it properly!
    Hope to being useful even after so long time passed from the beginning of the conversation! :)

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