cortarme el cabello de forma escalonada

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  1. Lucialovely

    Lucialovely Member

    Hi all. well i want to know how a can say this sentence (a homework of my english course) i want to say: "la peluquera estimó cortarme el cabello de forma escalonada". i don't know how to say de "forma escalonada", really i don't, I appreciate your help, thank you everyone, Bye:)
  2. pubman Senior Member

    'layered style' tal vez
  3. cvermar

    cvermar Senior Member

    Austin, TX
    Tienes que poner lo que quieres traducir (corte de cabello de forma escalonada, por ejemplo) en el título, porque si no, no sirve la función de búsqueda.

    Bienvenida al foro.
  4. blasita

    blasita Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Hello Lucia.

    As pubman has said it could be ´layered´, but I think this is more: ´a capas´. I´m not sure if ´graduated cut´ is what you need.

    Un saludito.
  5. klu New Member

    graduated cut is right
  6. Lucialovely

    Lucialovely Member

    Thanks for your help...Now i completed the sentence for my wrap-up...ufff ,well i'll consider your piece of advise Cvermar, really..the point is that i'm new here, :) so, ByeBye
  7. pubman Senior Member

    I don't know that in BrE we use the word 'graduated' when referring to hair. I've heard of layered, feathered and stepped.

  8. blasita

    blasita Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    And I´m sure you´re right, pubman. I´ve heard ´graduated´ (but just once or twice), is it this: ? But actually I´m not sure it´s right; if it´s not, sorry about it, guys.

    Cheers and take care, pubman:).
  9. FromPA

    FromPA Senior Member

    Philadelphia area
    USA English
    Same in the US. I've never heard graduated.
  10. Lucialovely

    Lucialovely Member

    Hi all, well finally i chose to write both words this way(in my text): the hairdresser considered to cut my hair in layared style.
    escalonado -da adjetivo ‹vacaciones› staggered;
    ‹pelo› layered
    That's all; if you want to correct something, go ahead! Byeeee:)
  11. pubman Senior Member

    Diria "The hairdresser decided to layer my hair" o The hairdresser thought about giving me a layered hairstyle
  12. Lucialovely

    Lucialovely Member

    Hello, thanks for your answer, i almost finished my homework, with your help of course...well, i think you're right pubman, in fact i change: "considered" to "decided", and "layered" for layer, like u told me, so thanks again!!! Bye :)

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