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  1. krisstin Senior Member

    Hola a todos quisiera saber si es posible utilizar "COUNT WITH ME", para confirmar una invitación. Como traduciría la siguiente frase:

    "Cuente conmigo para el sabado".

    :tick: Gracias por anticipado.
  2. DCPaco Senior Member

    Planet Earth
    Spanish of Mexico/ English of the USA
    count with me = cuenta conmigo (1, 2, 3, 4)

    count on me = cuenta conmigo (allí estaré)
  3. Santiago Jorge

    Santiago Jorge Senior Member

    English, USA
    "Count me in." (colloquial, informal)


    "You can count on me being there." (informal)
  4. ERASMO_GALENO Senior Member

    Lima limón
    Perú, Español

    De acuerdo con count on me.

  5. sweetpotatoboy Senior Member

    English, UK (London)
    I agree completely with these two suggestions. I would never say "Count on me" on its own.
  6. mariente Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Español, Argentina (somewhere in the planet Urban)
    count with me nunca lo escuché, siempre count me in o count on me. Es común count with me?

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