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Discussion in 'English Only' started by 94kittycat, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. 94kittycat

    94kittycat Senior Member

    E-town, Canada
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    My cousin is getting married. What would I call her husband? Is there an official name for that?

  2. jennijenni

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  3. SPQR Senior Member

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    I think I might vote for something simple, and perhaps less accurate:

    Cousin by marriage (if you have to explain beyond "cousin")
  4. 94kittycat

    94kittycat Senior Member

    E-town, Canada
    Canadian English
    Cool! Thanks so much, everybody! :)
  5. drei_lengua

    drei_lengua Senior Member

    I would just say "cousin". Who are you telling this to? Do they really care whether it is a blood cousin or cousin through marriage? I know that in Poland they use "cousin", "aunt", and "uncle" for both blood relatives and spouses of the blood relatives. It goes to show how family-oriented the Polish society is whereas in America we tend to be so "law" oriented. Just look at how many lawsuits we have. For example, my blood uncle died of cancer many years ago. After he had died, my extended family seemed to forget about the "aunt-in-law". Well, this is strange because she is still family regardless of blood.

    I am not sure about Canada. Tell us sister/brother! :D


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