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curriculum vitae [sign at the end?]

Discussion in 'English Only' started by shelly7, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. shelly7 New Member

    I have one question, in a curriculum vitae are you suppossed to sign at the end like the french an german or you do not have to.
  2. jester.

    jester. Senior Member

    Aachen, Germany
    Germany -> German
    I would sign it, but I don't think there's a regulation for this.
    And I am very sure that this doesn't depend on the language...

    When we had the subject of CVs in school, our teachers told us to sign our CV, but I don't think that this is so important...

  3. DaleC Senior Member

    Not in America. I've never heard of such a practice.
  4. xav

    xav Senior Member

    Nor in France.
  5. TrentinaNE Senior Member

    English (American)
    Neither have I. Usually the CV would be an attachment to another document (such as a cover letter for a job application or a report filed with a court) and that document would be signed, but not the CV itself.

  6. TrentinaNE Senior Member

    English (American)
    Careful, you're in the English Only forum here! ;)

  7. bartonig Senior Member

    UK English
    My experience in Italy is that a CV should be signed and dated. Additionally, there should be a short covering letter introducing yourself and your availability for work.
  8. Thomas1

    Thomas1 Senior Member

    polszczyzna warszawska
    If I may ask, do you write the word CV or curriculum vitae (artenatively resume/resumé) at the top of a page in the middle of the line?

    Is a CV a one page document or maybe it's possible to write it longer in your country/area?

    Thanks in advance,
  9. bartonig Senior Member

    UK English
    I'll send you my CV. I think it's format is suitable for most countries.
  10. Thomas1

    Thomas1 Senior Member

    polszczyzna warszawska
    Bartonig, thanks very much. :)

    I have something more I'd like to ask about:
    This is an excerpt of my CV, could anyone please skim through it and tell me about the mistakes and/or what I should change and add? :)

    2003 the name of the comapny, where I had an external training
    Positions held:
    Dealing with clients, office work connected with computer, publication of the company’s bulletin for customers, responsible for managing internal communication, translation of documents


    Literacy of MS Office: Word, Excel, extensive Internet use and basic html programming competence, creation of professional letters, e-mails and other office documents
  11. TrentinaNE Senior Member

    English (American)
    In the U.S., the term CV/curriculum vitae is used in academic circles, while resumé is more commonly used in the business world. For the latter, it's common to see "Resume of [name]" centered on the top line. Or "Resume of" on one line, with the name centered directly below.

    In general, there are lots of formats and conventions that are acceptable for resumes and CVs. If you search the internet for "resume formats," you can find lots of helpful examples.

  12. Black_Mamba

    Black_Mamba Junior Member

    Leicester, England
    I've had a search for you and found this It's a blank Curriculum Vitae showing you the general layout. Hope this helps!
  13. TrentinaNE Senior Member

    English (American)
    Under responsibilities, I would suggest putting the list in a consistent structure, i.e., all gerunds (dealing with, publishing, managing, translating) or all something else (customer service, office management, publication of customer bulletin, document translation). I'd also mention the languages for the last item.

  14. jester.

    jester. Senior Member

    Aachen, Germany
    Germany -> German
    Oh, you're right...

    I just thought it would be nice to write in Spanish because the starter of the thread is from Spain, and more importantly I just didn't notice I was in the English Only forum...

    I'll translate it back to English...

  15. panjandrum

    panjandrum PongoMod

    Belfast, Ireland
    English-Ireland (top end)
    I would not expect a CV to be signed. They usually accompany an application or a proposal - or something else that would be signed.
  16. Thomas1

    Thomas1 Senior Member

    polszczyzna warszawska
    It means that I had something like internship, I had it during my studies, everyone of us was assigned to a company where we were supposed to spend a month as trainees on various positions. When I was in States a friend of mine told me that they called something like that 'external training', that's why I used it. Would you suggest me to use another word?
  17. Brioche

    Brioche Senior Member

    Australia English
    If you put an accent on the last e, you also need to put one on the first e. résumé

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