1. stephatme Junior Member

    French, France

    Je voudrais savoir si "from now" était une bonne traduction pour "dès maintenant" ?
    La phrase est : "Nous devons nous y preparer dès maintenant"
    J'ai traduit par : "We must prepare for it from now"
    Any suggestions ?
  2. Bastoune Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
    French & English - Canada
    "As of now" or "starting now" work better.

    "We must get ready as of now."
  3. stephatme Junior Member

    French, France
    thanks a lot !
  4. Nicomon

    Nicomon Senior Member

    Français, Québec ♀
    Selon le contexte, dès maintenant peut aussi se traduire par: "right away" "today" ou "immediately"


    We must anticipate the problems, and prepare for them today.

    We should get ready to do so immediately.

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