dal canto loro/suo

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by whirlygig, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. whirlygig New Member

    Florida, USA
    "Noi dal canto nostro non Vi abbiamo dimenticato".
    My friend is saying, no we didn't forget you (I think)...but I don't get the Noi dal Canto part.
    Can anyone clear that up for me?
    Mille Gratzie! :)
  2. ant Junior Member

    "dal canto nostro" (dal canto vostro, dal canto mio and so on) means "from our point of view", "from our corner"; this "canto" comes from cantone/corner (it isn't canto/sing); I'd say it's an old fashioned expression
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    here in wordreference dictionary you find: da un canto... d'altro canto, on the one hand...on the other hand
  3. whirlygig New Member

    Florida, USA
    Thanks, that's interesting. Your observation that it is an old-fashioned expression is probably on target. The rest of our communication was very formal indeed.
  4. lparks New Member

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    I haven't a clue on the following, including the translation of 'dal canto loro'.

    Il fatto che gli Stati più forti, pur dal canto loro indulgenti di continuo in prassi terroristiche..

    The text is about the premises of international law.
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  5. alex.mz

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    italy italian
    I would try to give you the meaning of this phrase...
    Please, put it in a wider context. (put the whole text)
  6. merse0 Senior Member

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    Dal canto loro può essere reso come "essi stessi":
  7. giovannino

    giovannino Senior Member

    It may not be perfect English but I'm just trying to help you understand the sentence:
    "The fact that stronger nations, while themselves constantly indulging in terrorist practices..."
  8. lparks New Member

    Provincia di Treviso
    Great Britain, English
    Grazie a tutti!
  9. shamblesuk

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    Che vuol dire (vi dò il contesto da sotto)?:

    Ronaldo dal canto suo ha denunciato il tentativo di estorsione.

  10. london calling Senior Member

    Hello, Lee!

    Ronaldo, for his part, reported the attempt to blackmail him.

    I assume this refers to his little problem with a couple of viados?;)
  11. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    As far as he was concerned.
  12. Topen Senior Member

    Il mio contributo arriva un po' in ritardo...ma meglio così che mai.

    L'espressione "dal canto suo" normalmente si usa quando si hanno più parti che dicono la loro, ciascuna dal suo canto (angolo, cantone, zona di influenza, posizione) e non tutti insieme. Questa espressione in genere evidenzia posizioni differenti (ideologica ma anche geografica) o cmq ruoli differenti.

    Ritengo pertanto che la traduzione debba andare verso qlc tipo: on the other hand.

    Ciao. T

    PS: guardate anche questo! http://www.wordreference.com/iten/d'altro%20canto stesso significato.

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