Day light robbery! / What a rip off!

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by Caitriona, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Caitriona Member

    Belfast, Ireland
    I am from Ireland and I speak English
    Is there an portuguese idiom for this?
  2. Macunaíma

    Macunaíma Senior Member

    Um ninho de mafagalfinhos
    português, Brasil
    Like when you're charged an exorbitant price for something? Yes: Isso é um assalto! / Isso é um roubo!/ Isso é um assalto a mão armada!
  3. Caitriona Member

    Belfast, Ireland
    I am from Ireland and I speak English
    Thats exactly what I'm looking for. You legend! Cheers!!!
  4. IsaC Senior Member

    Portugal - português
    In Portugal we just use "Isso/isto é um roubo" or "Mas que roubalheira!".
    We really like to use the second one!
  5. Archimec Senior Member

    Montreal, Canada
    Portugal, portuguese
    In Portugal you also hear "Vão roubar prá estrada!".
  6. Denis555

    Denis555 Senior Member

    Cracóvia, Polônia
    Brazilian Portuguese
    I also use this second one!:D
  7. sound shift Senior Member

    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    Can I just add that "daylight" is one word, not two?
  8. Peruibe New Member

    it can be translated as a "slang": Caraca!!! que facada!!
  9. Julia-Sama New Member

    Brasilian portuguese
    is funny see people learning portuguese. well, in brazil, you can say "mas que roubo". But if you say "mas que robalheira" you'll appear a age old.
  10. Julia-Sama New Member

    Brasilian portuguese
    please sorry my english if i make a mistake. i'm studiyng english alone and a little time.
  11. leitora

    leitora Senior Member

    RS - Brasil
    Português (BR)
    Um assalto à luz do dia ! / Um assalto em plena luz do dia !

    Que roubo ! / Que facada !
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  12. LuizLeitao

    LuizLeitao Senior Member

    São Paulo, Brazil
    As one can see, in this case the expressions in Brazil and Portugal are similar! And used quite often, too!

    — Mas que roubo (ou roubalheira)!
    — Um assalto!
    — Que (ou uma) facada!

    An expression with a slightly different meaning, which I like very much is: "Os preços estão pela hora da morte!", standing for skyrocketing prices.

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