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decantación del amor

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by the swerve, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. the swerve Senior Member

    English - British
    My attempt:

    "when [Gramsci] brings up their intimate relationship, he is more patient, and even the domestic jokes in these letters (about the debate within the family as to which name should be given to the child, about his own limited role in this, which he recognises, and about the decanting of love) are no cause for concern; they are tender quips and they reveal a more more balanced state of mind than when Gramsci was in Vienna."
    But I have no idea about "la decantación del amor" and what it might mean. Any guesses? Hispanoparlantes: ¿alguna idea de lo que quiere decir "la decantación del amor"? Me lo podeis explicar en castellano?
  2. testoduro Senior Member

    Español(de España)
    A priori no se entiende, no creo que se te pueda dar una propuesta inequívoca ¡Lo que mejor decanta uno es el vino!
  3. maidinbedlam

    maidinbedlam Moderanged

    Vigo, Galicia
    Spanish - Spain
    También me suena raro, pero puede que se refiera a esto:
    decantar1. (Del lat. decantāre).
    1. tr. Propalar, ponderar, engrandecer.

    Es decir, sería como una "exaltación del amor".

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