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degree aimed at

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by eilefa, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. eilefa New Member

    Ciao a tutti!!Sto compilando una domanda online per un tirocinio all'estero. Nella domanda c'è il seguente campo: Degree aimed at. Non capisco se vuole sapere dove lo conseguirò o quando, perchè subito dopo c'è University name. Cosa ne pensate?
  2. Giorgio Spizzi Senior Member

    Ti chiede che titolo accademico vuoi conseguire.

  3. Mary49

    Mary49 Senior Member

    Secondo me chiede dove ("at") lo vuole conseguire.
  4. A degree can be "aimed at certifying competence in the field of..." or can be "aimed at young professionals who seek to..." so I find it a bit confusing in this context...:confused:.
    But I'd rather say that they expect you to enter the qualification you are seeking to attain.
  5. joanvillafane Senior Member

    U.S., New Jersey
    U.S. English
    Hi Mary - I agree with Giorgio on this one. It's like asking "What degree are you working toward?"

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