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Dendrology (trees)

Discussion in 'Multilingual Glossaries' started by kusurija, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. kusurija

    kusurija Senior Member

    Lithuania, K. city
    Lithuania Czech
    Hi all!
    Have good Advent!
    I'm going to start new thread on dendrology (it's about trees). I didn't finish my .xls file yet, but as I thing no one wouldn't answer so fast, I'll present the very immature begining of it, so if someone would like to parcipitate, You can get acquainted with that "stub" and think out, how to help me far... I'm working with that file, so after some time it'll look better...

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  2. Angel.Aura

    Angel.Aura del Mod, solo L'aura

    Roma, Italia
    Hi kusurija!
    I put some (...ehm... a few, actually :rolleyes:) of the Italian terms.
  3. Gżegżółka

    Gżegżółka Junior Member

    Polska; polski

    I add some Polish names and I hope that the others will join us :)


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  4. Panpan

    Panpan Senior Member

    Sawbridgeworth, UK
    England, English

    I've added the Italian for Chestnut, Beech, Oak, Olive, Wallnut (sic, that is spelled 'Walnut' in British English), Apple, and Willow. I've added 'Cork Oak' to the English list. I'll upload it soon as I've worked out how to.

    Indian Mast Tree is really bothering me, because I've seen them in Italy, and don't know what they're called in Italian.

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    Last edited: Dec 24, 2008
  5. Hermocrates Senior Member

    Italian & British English (bilingual)
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]I can provide a few more terms but unfortunately I have problems with my account and cannot upload the updated xls file to this thread.
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]I would be grateful if somebody could add them to the existing file for me:[/FONT]

    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]ITALIAN[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Betula → betulla[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Corylus → nocciolo[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Adansonia → baobab[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Capparis → cappero[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Carica → papaya[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Cistus → cisto[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Rhododendron → rododendro[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Vaccinium (V. myrtillus) → mirtillo nero[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif](V. vitis-idaea) → mirtillo rosso[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif](V. oxycoccus) → mirtillo palustre[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Ricinus → ricino[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Lonicera → caprifoglio[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Sambucus → sambuco[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Viscum → vischio[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Ficus → fico[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Morus → gelso[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Eucalyptus → eucalipto [/FONT] ​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Myrtus → mirto[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Fraxinus → frassino[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Ligustrum → ligustro[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Crataegus → biancospino[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Cydonia → cotogno[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]P.amygdalus → mandorlo[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]P.cerasus* → ciliegio[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Pyrus → pero[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]R.fruticosa → rovo comune[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]R.idaeus → lampone[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Populus → pioppo[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]p.alba → pioppo bianco[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]p.nigra → pioppo nero[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]p. tremula → pioppo tremulo[/FONT]​

    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]ENGLISH[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Please note the English name for Rubus fruticosa is actually blackberry, not foxberry. According to my sources "foxberry" is another term for "lingonberry" and refers to Vaccinium vitis-idaea.
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]I think it is Eucalyptus not Eucaluptus.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]I hope this helps! :)[/FONT]
  6. Angel.Aura

    Angel.Aura del Mod, solo L'aura

    Roma, Italia
    I added quercus/prunus in Italian to those translated by Rye.


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  7. Hermocrates Senior Member

    Italian & British English (bilingual)
    Thank you very much Laura! :)

    (I'm managing another glossary at the moment, so my account run out of space. :eek:)
  8. Hermocrates Senior Member

    Italian & British English (bilingual)
    I updated the xls file with more Italian terms. I also made a few corrections including fixing spelling mistakes (English, Latin)

    Please note this file is zipped. Should you have any problems unzipping it, just let me know. :)

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  9. Hermocrates Senior Member

    Italian & British English (bilingual)
    On a side note, here is a tool that may come in quite handy when creating glossaries like this:


    If you enter a scientific name, you will be given the corresponding vernacular name in different languages.

    I hope it helps!
  10. apmoy70 Senior Member

    Added a few Greek names.
  11. marco.cur Senior Member

    Added Corylaceae near carpinus;
    added italian term for:
    carpinus betulus (carpino bianco)
    carpinus orientalis (carpinella)
    ostrya carpinifolia (carpino nero)

    pinus pinea (pino domestico)

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  12. marco.cur Senior Member

    I've updated Pinaceae:
    added some species of gen. Abies, Cedrus, Pinus, Picea, and italian terms for other species.

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