denominación o razón social

Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by janna30, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. janna30 Junior Member

    Washington, D.C.
    USA, English
    Does anyone know the correct translation for Denominacion or Razon Social with respect to company reimbursement for meals? Category and Business type?

  2. begoña fernandez Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Si se trata de una Sociedad Anónina es Corporate Name. Hay threads antiguos sobre el tema.

  3. annettehola Banned

    I'm a bit mystified by your question because I don't see clearly what it is you're asking for. But "razón social" is generally another way of saying "company name/name of company."
    This helps?
  4. gian_eagle

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    "Trade name" o "firm name" según el Glosario Internacional para el Traductor de Marina Orellana.

    Si no es "firm" dicha empresa, entonces le pondría "company name" como dijo Annette.
  5. gian_eagle

    gian_eagle Senior Member

    Peru - Castellano
    Quizás sería bueno poner este thread en la sección legal terminology del foro.

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