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descompensación (recidiva) and adinimia matutina

Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by patoja13, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. patoja13 New Member

    English US
    descompensación recidiva: Can someone help me out with this translation? It couldn't possibly be relapsed decompensation, could it?

    Also how close am I to adinimia matutina with morning fatigue?

    Thanks.... this is all greek to me!
  2. Tiffany68 New Member

    Spanish uruguay
    Hi, morning fatigue is a good translation for adinamia matutina ( not adinimia).
    On the other hand, descompensacion recidiva is not a correct terminology in psychiatry. If the patient has a relapse, it is a relapse of a previous episode, therefore you speak about a relapse and not about a decompensation. The decompensation itself was the first episode the patient had.
    I think I m not helping you to translate but maybe it helps you understand a little bit.
  3. hansonpm Senior Member

    English - US
    I agree with Tiffany68 that "relapse" implies the original decompensation.

    That said, people often use redundant and non-standard expressions like this, so if you wanted to give that flavor, which is present in the original, perhaps you could translate it "relapsing decompensation."

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