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direcciones en Argentina: Avenida Ruta de la Plata nº 14, Bloque 3 5ºB 8

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by IowaWarrior, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. IowaWarrior New Member

    Could someone explain the parts of this adress to me Avenida Ruta de la Plata nº 14, Bloque 3 5ºB
  2. laurargentina Senior Member

    Avenida: Avenue
    Ruta de la Plata (name of the avenue)
    Nº 14: number
    Bloque 3: building (there must be several apartment buildings)
    5ª B: Apartment/Flat
  3. IowaWarrior New Member

    so the 5 is the apartment number..and the 14 is the street number?
  4. laurargentina Senior Member

    Yes, that's right. And it's 5 B (Probably there is a 5 A, and 5 C...)
  5. IowaWarrior New Member

    Av de Ruta de la Plata, 14 10001 Cáceres, Spain would that be the same thing on google maps?
  6. laurargentina Senior Member

    I don't know much about that, but I guess it is. Maybe 10001 is the Zip Code or something similar. Sorry I can't help you there:eek:
  7. TheChabon Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    [IowaWarrior, I hope you are not trying to rent out something long-distance!]

    What city in Argentina is this 'Ruta de la Plata' supposed to be in? It really doesn't sound like an Argentine street name.

    Also, unless you mistyped your initial Subject, 5º B 8 sounds very wrong.
  8. IowaWarrior New Member

    No this is in spain.
  9. Calambur

    Calambur Senior Member

    Buenos Aires (Capital)
    Castellano (rioplatense)
    Entiendo que es el nivel (flat) y B el apartamento.

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