Do / Nani o shimasu ka

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  1. guyper Senior Member

    French Creole
    'Do shimasu ka'

    What's the difference between 'Do shimasu ka' and 'Nani o shimasu ka'?

    Thank you
  2. SpiceMan Senior Member

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    Translating, both of them become "what will you do?".

    But dou is more a question along the lines of how, in what way, rather than what.
    nani wo... is exactly what.

    It's hard to grasp at first since both things are asked "what" in English.

    - shuumatsu nani wo shimasu ka < what will you do this weekend?
    - kanojo ga uwaki shitara, dou shimasu ka < what would you do if your girlfriend were cheating on you?
  3. Flaminius

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    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    Elaborating on SpiceMan's comments, I find implying a response to a situation. You know that your girlfriend is cheating. This situation, as it is assumed, requires you to react. You may be at liberty as to how you are going to react (including a self-imposed restraint) but that you are likely to react is very probable.

    On the other hand, nani-o sounds more like selecting a choice from several possible alternatives.
  4. Ocham Senior Member

    I'm sorry to interrupt you, but ...

    We don't usually say Nani wo shimasuka in our daily speech.

    We say Nani suru? (What are we going to do?) or
    Nani wo suru no? (What are you going to do?).

    Houkago Nani suru? (... after shcool?)
    Daigaku detara Nani wo suru no? (... after graduating from college?)

    Nani wo is usually used among your friends or families. It is rude to
    say Nani wo in formal situation. Do you know we say Nani wo! in
    quarrel when someone offends you?

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