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Do not bring food tonight

Discussion in 'Tagalog and Filipino Languages' started by BENSON, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. BENSON New Member

    Do not bring food tonight (in Tagalog).
    Thanks a lot
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  2. pusong_pinoy

    pusong_pinoy Junior Member

    There's a few ways to say this, depending on context. I'd say,

    "Huwag kang/kayong (plural) magbaon ng sarili mong/n'yong (plural) pagkain ngayong gabi." (don't bring your own food tonight.)


    "Huwag kang magbaon ng anumang pagkain ngayong gabi." (This one is more like don't bring any food tonight.)

    Magbaon is to bring something packed, usually food, as in to bring a sack lunch, and depending on context, the verb alone is enough to mean "bring a sack lunch" without mentioning food at all.

    KKB, or kaniya-kaniyang baon is often used in party invitations and is similar to the english BYOB. It means "everyone bring your own sack lunch."
  3. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Huwag kang magdala ng pagkain mamayang gabi.
  4. Ajura Senior Member

    Mamayang gabi wag ka ng mag dala ng pagkain.
  5. mataripis Senior Member

    Southern Tagalog (Western Kavite); Wag magbitbit ng bug-ong sa gab-eh.

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