Do not hesitate to contact to me / contact me.

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  1. Valles New Member

    Barcelona Spanish Catalan
    Hola a todos,

    Referente a esta fórmula para despedirse, dudo cuál sería la mejor forma para hacerla más o menos formal: any question? more questions, ... por cierto, si va contact to me or contact me?

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  2. grnwdy Junior Member

    I'm new to this procedure, so please bear with me, also i'm learning spanish. I would like to know how to ask someone for a ride to work in the morning? Am i correct in saying, " puedes darme paseo por trabajar por la manana?" Actually I don't even know how to get your answer.
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  3. Valles New Member

    Barcelona Spanish Catalan
    Dear grnwdy,

    Better you expose your question directly, not answering another question.

    In your case, if you want somebody to take you to work, you can ask "Pede alguien llevarme al trabajo (curro if you prefer slang) por la mañana?"

  4. Paul Clancy Senior Member

    Ireland, English
    In a formal letter you would say "Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further clarification" or "Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries" or "Should you have any queries with regard to xxxxx, please do not hesitate to contact me", or "Should you have any queries please feel free to contact me".

    In a non formal letter or email, perhaps to someone you know well, you could say "Just drop me a line if you need any clarification" or "Feel free to get in touch/contact me if there is anything you need me to clarify"
  5. Sumak Junior Member

    Basque Country. Spanish/Basque
    Hola Valles,

    yo suelo utilizar "If you have any question, don't hesitate in contacting me" (o don't hesitate to contact me) cuando estoy mandando algun mail informal, y algo asi como "Don't hesitate to contact me for further assistance" cuando es algo mas impersonal o formal
  6. Valles New Member

    Barcelona Spanish Catalan
    Thanks Paul and Sumak
  7. jativa New Member

    Argentina Spanish
    Hello, I'm Argentine citizen and I'm a regular English student. The translation isn't correct and seems to be made by Google translator. It could be.

    "¿Podrías llevarme [ o acercarme] al trabajo a la mañana?"

    The form [ acercarme ] sounds more argentinian

  8. Mrs Whistle New Member

    "If you have any question" should be "if you have any questions". I agree with Paul that it would be better to say, "Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions" (or "if you have any questions").
  9. Lecword Senior Member

    Hello everybody

    Could "doubts" be used in this context?

    Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question(s)/any doubt(s).

    Many thanks
  10. Mrs Whistle New Member


    "Doubts" is not really the correct word to use in this context although I have often heard it used (wrongly)in this way by many Spanish speakers. In Spanish you would say "dudas" but in English in this particular case, the word to use is "questions". The word "doubt" in English has a negative connotation e.g. "I had some doubts about the house. I didn't really like the location." This would mean that there were some things about the house that I did not feel happy with.
  11. SydLexia Senior Member

    UK, English
    Yes, "doubts" does not include the "hesitations" part of "dudas".

    " dudas de ago" is not what you want to say.


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