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Dog Commands (or any other pet if you like!)

Discussion in 'Multilingual Glossaries' started by Trouts!, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Trouts! Junior Member

    British English
    Looking for Dog Commands - sit, stay, heel, down, lie down, etc.

    Any inputs please?

    I found a french thread, but people seemed to be disagreeing at bit... Then I realised I'll also need it in Spanish and German. And any other languages would be great!

    I know there's variation in the commands used in English, so I guess it'll be the same in other languages...
  2. tram-pam-pam Senior Member

    My attempt.
    Some equivalent dog commands in Russian (this is not a full list, of course, just some basic ones, with my personal preferences):

    hereко мне!
    bark/ speakголос!
    stand / stay – стоять!
    [lie] downлежать!
    attackфас! / взять!
    give дай!
    waitждать! / жди!
    go aheadвперед!
    out! / no / leave it! don’t!фу!
    up / jump / hopап! барьер!
    bring/ fetch/ retrieveпринеси! (I personally don’t like ‘апорт!’)

    But actually, my 11-year-old Great Dane understands us with ease (just plain Russian and English) without any commands. When she wants. :)

    For some German equivalents you can have a look here: http://www.uwsp.edu/psych/dog/languag1.htm
  3. cute angel Senior Member

    the universe
    well here in Algeria we have other ways or words to command

    for cats as an example we say


    go a way=kess

    for dogs we say

    lie down=coucher_vous it's a French word but we use it as well

    attack =a l'attack

    come=ici ici

    all the words we use approximately french
  4. blue_jewel

    blue_jewel Senior Member

    Here are the Tagalog/Filipino equivalent for dog commands: :)

    bark kahol
    stand - tayo
    [lie] downhiga
    give bigay
    go aheadalis
    out! / no / leave it! don’t!labas
    up / jump / hoptalon

    But normally we are using english commands most of the times especially in urban areas.
  5. Hermocrates Senior Member

    Italian & British English (bilingual)
    (based on experience; these are the most common but variants may exist. In particular all of these are informal/colloquial expressions. I don't know if professional pet trainers use different expressions in Italian)

    here (to a cat): "Qui micio-micio!" or "Micio?" (it literally means "here kitty kitty")

    (to a dog): "Qui bello!"

    let's go
    (to a dog): "Andiamo bello (alternatively: "andiamo" + pet's name)"

    : "Seduto!"

    fetch: "Porta!"

    play dead: "Fai il morto."

    give your paw: "Dai la zampa." / "Zampa!"

    roll: "Rotola."

    wait: "Aspetta."

    down, lie down: "Cuccia!"

    no, don't, etc: "No!"

    And when you want to praise your pet: "Bravo!"
  6. MaxJ Senior Member

    Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
    Dutch- Netherlands
    In Dutch:

    sit – zit!
    here – (kom) hier!
    bark/ speak – blaf!
    stand / stay – blijf!
    [lie] down – lig!
    attack – val aan!
    give – geef hier!
    search – zoek!
    wait – wacht!
    no / leave it! don’t! – hou op!/stop!
    up / jump / hop – spring!
    bring/ fetch/ retrieve– apport!
    play dead - speel dood!
  7. ahshav Senior Member

    English, Hebrew
    In Hebrew:

    sitשב (shev)
    stand - עמוד (amod) or לא לזוז (lo lazuz - don't move)
    [lie] downארצה (artza)
    attackתקוף (t'kof)
    paw - יד (yad = hand)
    heel - רגלי (ragli)
    come - בוא הנה (bo henah) or אלי (elay)
    go aheadחופשי (hofshi = free)
    out! / no / leave it! don’t!לא (lo = no)
    up / jump / hopקפוץ (kfotz) or אפ! (up!)
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2009
  8. Miguelillo 87

    Miguelillo 87 Senior Member

    Mexico City
    México español
    Here the mexican way of say it (spanish)

    bark ladra
    stand - párate
    [lie] downacuéstate
    give dame (someting)
    waitespérate/ aguarda
    go ahead
    out! / no / leave it! don’t!Fuera/ no/ déjalo
    up / jump / hopsalta

    Play the death/ házte el muertito

  9. zoetsa Senior Member

    ül/ülsz/ülj -sit
    pfujj -out
    fekszik/keküdj -lie down
    mész helyedre -to ur place
    hozd (ide)/hozod ide -bring/fetch it
    add ide/adod ide -give
    fogd meg/csibész -attack
    lábhoz -next to me/my feet
    keresd -search
    állj -stop
    hopp/ugrik/ugorj -jump
    maradsz/maradj -wait

    Calling a dog: pssz-sz(-sz-sz-sz), a cat: cic(-cic-cic)-cicc
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2012
  10. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod

    French (lower Normandy)
    In French, this is what I used for my dog (more or less successfully :D)

    sit – assis
    heel – au pied (supposedly). Personally, I said (allez,) viens ((come on,) come)
    stand - debout
    stay – Personally I said 'bouge pas' (not so grammatical for 'don't move')
    [lie] down – couché
    attack – attaque
    bring/ fetch/ retrieve – va chercher
    give – donne
    up / jump / hop – saute / hop
    play dead - fais le mort
    give your paw - donne la patte
    sit up and beg - fais le beau
    no, don't - non

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