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Don't mess up with me!

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by lluvia222, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. lluvia222 Senior Member

    Hola, me gustaría saber cómo traducir mess up en el contexto en que 1 persona le dice a otra: "don't mess up with me!", me suena a amenaza pero no sé cómo traducirlo al español o si se considera rude en inglés...

    Espero vuestra ayuda, muchas gracias
  2. Milktoast50

    Milktoast50 Senior Member

    The keystone state
    English, East Coast Suþerbia
    Me parece que esta frase presuma familiaridad; el "with me" me sugiere que la audiencia reconoce que quiere entrar en relacion con el hablante. Ughh, no confio en mi espanol:
    "Don't mess up with me" seems to suggest that the listener is going to attempt some sort of relationship with the speaker, and the speaker is telling them to be prudent. If you didn't know the person you wanted to say this to this would seem inappropriate.
    There is also the phrase: "don't mess with me" Which means more like "no me jodas" but not nearly so foul (though still rude).
    Then you also might hear said the phrase: "don't get mixed up with me" which means something like "no me asocias conmigo" or "no me enredas"
  3. charol Junior Member

    Spain Spanish

    Quizá se podría traducir por:
    "No me la líes!"???

    "No me rayes!"??

  4. Milktoast50

    Milktoast50 Senior Member

    The keystone state
    English, East Coast Suþerbia
    Bueno, he sugerido tres posibilidades distintas, porque sin mas contexto parece algo de una conjectura que "don't mess up with me" esta escrita bien para hablar del caso de que dos personas ya se conocen y el uno quiere que el otro avanza prudentemente. "Don't mess with me" is more of a "saying" but has a different meaning.
    "don't mess up with me" = "no fracases en relacion conmigo"
    "don't mess with me" ~ "No me lies"
  5. charol Junior Member

    Spain Spanish
    Tienes razón. Iría bien un poco de contexto... :)
  6. ydnas Senior Member

    BR - EN
    I've never heard the expression 'Don't mess up with me'. Does it mean 'Don't mess with me'? Or 'Don't mess up'? Or 'Don't mess around with me'? All three are very different.
  7. chilangamiss Junior Member

    me parece que es: No te metas conmigo

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