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  1. gringalatina Senior Member

    usa english
    The context is "The children will draw a name of one of their classmates"
    Sería Se sortearán el nombre.....? Gracias.
  2. Monnik

    Monnik Senior Member

    Yo, en México; mi corazón, en Madrid
    Mexico - Spanish/English
    Hola, gringa...

    You could say "los niños extraerán el nombre de uno de sus compañeros...", but the verb extraer I think sounds a bit too formal here.

    So, if you would like for it to be less formal, you could say:

    Los niños sacarán un papel con el nombre de uno de sus compañeros

    Since the verb does not imply that you are doing some sort of raffle, you must specify "a piece of paper" (un papel) in order to give the right idea.

    Hope it helps and that I did not confuse you too much.

  3. gringalatina Senior Member

    usa english
    bien hecho Monnik, mil gracias

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