droit à la différence

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  1. LianneNoy New Member


    Qu'est-que la différence en anglais entre la phrase "droit à la différence" et "droit à l'indifférence"? Je dis d'une société multiculturelle en France, surtout les immigrants clandestines.

    Merci en avance
  2. Broff Senior Member

    Do you have more context, like the whole sentence?
  3. LianneNoy New Member

    I actually don't.... we were given a pro-forma of things we'll be learning this past semester and one of the bullet points under the topic 'la société multiculturelle" was these words as if to provoke a notion of debate:

    "droit à la différence" et "droit à l'indifférence"

    does it mean anything to you?

  4. melu85 Senior Member

    droit à la différence= the right to be different?
    droit à l'indifférence= the right to go unnoticed? unnoticed meaning being like any others or rather meaning not having recognition? well, I don't really know

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