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  1. nenet New Member

    mexico español
    Hola, alguien puede ayudarmr con la traduccion de la palabra duplistic?

    if he had tried anything duplistic....

    gracias por adelantado :)
  2. JamesM

    JamesM à la Mod

    As a note from an English speaker, I've never encountered "duplistic" before. It's not listed in the online dictionaries I use. Are you sure it isn't "duplicitous"?

    If it's "duplistic" in the original text, it may be a mistake by the original author, forming "duplistic" from "duplicity" in the same way that "simplistic" comes from "simplicity", but the word "duplicitous" is the adjective for "duplicity" - which means "being deliberately deceptive."
  3. nenet New Member

    mexico español
    thanks sooo much, your answer really helped me understand the context and i think deceptive will fit well. thanks

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