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e ti pareva!

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by prowlerxpla, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. prowlerxpla Senior Member

    Passo Genovese
    Italy Italian
    How could it be translated?
    here in WR is there an only Italian thread here.
    It is used when happen something (usually negative) largely expected.

    Mark: John called five minutes ago and said that he will be late
    Me: ???????? (e ti pareva!) (I largely suspected that John will be late becouse he is usual to do this).

    Many thanks:)
  2. One1 Senior Member

    I knew it!
  3. Curandera Senior Member

    Magari questo thread può esserti di aiuto

  4. GavinW Senior Member

    British English
    Yes, that thread ("come volevasi dimostrare") does overlap with this one, especially in generating translations like the following (mentioned in that thread):

    What do you know!
    Surprise, surprise!

    As well as these others (not mentioned in that thread):
    What a surprise!
    Isn't that a surprise!
    Now there's a surprise!
    Well, well, well!
    Who would've thought it!
    What a turn-up for the book!
  5. bis Senior Member

    How about "it/that figures"?
  6. beacher

    beacher Senior Member

    Everywhere; San Diego; London
    Veneto Dialect and Italian
    There are lot of ways to say that, like in italian. It's possible to use: "e ti pareva, come non detto, (ma che) strano!, ma va?!!" e così via.
    Soprattutto vengono usati diversamente a seconda di dove uno proviene.

    I oft say: "there you/we go! (another time is implied)" and what makes the difference is the tone of your voice. It may seem weird to say so, ma with a proper tone it fits in the right way.

  7. underhouse Senior Member

    Along these linese, perhaps, also:

    Here we go again!
  8. london calling Senior Member

    I'd say "Oh really?" Or "You don't say?" (Hear the dripping sarcasm.....):D
  9. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    No kidding! might be another option.
  10. london calling Senior Member

    Yes, say that in a voice dripping with sarcasm - it really gets the idea across.:)

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