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Earth vs. Erdve (EN, LT)

Discussion in 'Etymology, History of languages and Linguistics (EHL)' started by neonrider, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. neonrider Junior Member

    Vilnius (Lazdynai)
    Lithuanian / Lietúvüü
    Does anyone know whether the English word "Earth" has some ties with the Lithuanian word "Erdve" (space), or even with "Ertme" (cavity).
  2. L'irlandais

    L'irlandais Senior Member

    Dreyeckland/Alsace region
    Ireland: English-speaking ♂
    Depends on what's the etymology of these two words in Lithuanian? Do they come from the Greek era?
  3. neonrider Junior Member

    Vilnius (Lazdynai)
    Lithuanian / Lietúvüü
    I don't know, but Lithuanian root AR- or even ART- stands for cultivation of soil, tillage, arable, ploughing.
  4. apmoy70 Senior Member

    There's also the Greek «ἄρδα» ắrdă relative to «ἔρα» ĕră and a cognate to English Earth, German Erd, and probably to Lithuanian Ar-, Art-
  5. fdb Senior Member

    Cambridge, UK
    French (France)
    Definitely not “from the Greek”, but possibly cognate with the Greek. A connection between Lit. érdvė “space” with English “earth” and its cognates, and with the Greek gloss ἔρας, is considered at least as a possibility in scholarly literature, e.g. E. Fraenkel, Litauisches etymologisches Wörterbuch (1962) p. 16.

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