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  1. weefoot Senior Member

    France French
    Bonjour, bonne année à tous !
    je cherche à traduire les pages professionnelle d'une entreprise. Une des rubrique de leur présentation a pour titre: "XX (leur nom) en chiffres". (La rubrique mentionne leur nombre de salariés, leur chiffre d'affaire, etc...)
    Je pensais à "Key figures about XX" (figures ? numbers ?). Pourriez vous m'aider ?
  2. floise Senior Member

    Hi weefoot,

    We do hear the expression 'The year in numbers' (say, when someone wants to summarize a company's business for the year and gives stats on number of items produced, sold, total expenses, revenues, etc., etc.

    So maybe you could say 'The X Company in numbers'?

  3. Wunibald Senior Member

    Paris, France
    I would say that quite simply: 'XX in figures' would sound perfectly normal in a company presentation.
  4. catie332003 Junior Member

    USA, English
    I would say XX in numbers. Figures is not used all that much in the US (except as part of the phrase facts and figures). Numbers is much more common, especially in business.
  5. weefoot Senior Member

    France French
    Thank you all !

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