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    many shareholders were declared enemy subjects.

    Γεια σας,

    Θα ήθελα λίγη βοήθεια στην συγκεκριμένη πρόταση. Εννοεί ότι είναι μέτοχοι με όχι τόσο ξεκάθαρα συμφέροντα? πώς να το μεταφράσω?

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    Γεια σου Τίνα!

    Μπορείς να μας δώσεις το συγκείμενο;
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    High Commissioner wrote a report to the Sectary of State for the colonies regarding asbestos mining in Cyprus. Company employing around 800 people who they were housing in “dwellings built of stone [with] little gardens...” Although Jelenko was characterized as “honest, able, and [with] integrity,” many shareholders of Cyprus Asbestos Ltd. were declared enemy subjects.
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    εχθρικά υποκείμενα
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    Υπήκοοι εχθρικού κράτους - though the context isn't enough to be certain what is meant here.

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