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    What is the meaning of "engarzar" and "auscultar" in this sentence?

    "La Colometa, protagonista de La plaça del Diamant, atraviesa la guerra civil y engarza una vida con instantes con una lengua coloquial que ausculta el tañido de la rutina y escudriña rincones ignotos de lo cotidiano."

    "Colometa, the main characted in La plaça del Diamant, lives through the civil war and links/connects/recount/relates?! moments in her life with a(?) coloquial language that picks up/detects?! the sound of routine and scrutinises unknown corners of everyday life."

    Thank you very much!

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    A very free translation would be something like she tells her story through a string of pictures which give us an x ray (I know auscultar is about stethoscopes but we don't generally use that idiomatically in English).

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