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  1. AnaLeticia New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to pass the 'Literacy' test for GCSE course. I have some problems with puntuation rules. I noticed that Spanish and English languages have different treatment when using commas, full stops, semicolons and so on.

    Can someone post a good link to learn punctuation.

    Many thanks.
  2. roxcyn

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    American English [AmE]
  3. mazbook

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    Hi, Ana,
    Si quiere un website muy completo (en inglés de EEUU), aquí es: http://www.bartleby.com/68/a0.html

    Solo necesita conocer los nombres (en inglés) de los varios puntos de punctuación.

  4. AnaLeticia New Member

    Hi Mazbook,

    Thank you for your link. I went to the site and it is really good. Nevertheless, I have a question about these rules.These punctuation rules followed in the US, can be used in the UK? I am asking this because something really funny happened to me one day when I was explaining the numbers in French in a Primary School.

    The fact is that I took some information from an American web site before teaching The numbers in French. Obviously these notes were taken from an American web site. When I finished the lesson, my mentor did a remark: "here we don't talk like this."

    After this remark, I always check if the information came from an American or an English web site and I try to use only the English sites.
  5. AnaLeticia New Member

    Hi Pablo,

    Your link is really good and more the Learning English section. It will be usefull to improve my English.


  6. mazbook

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    Many, many of the rules for words will be quite different in the AE (American English) site that I gave you, but English and American punctuation is nearly exactly the same. Where it isn't—mostly in the use of quotation marks, but I think there's one also described in the use of the comma—this site will explain the difference. So, if you're worried about just the punctuation marks, no problem. Just check other sources when looking up word usage, as it may be quite different than BE (British English).

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