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  1. melj790 New Member

    St. Lucia
    ¿Qué significa la palabra 'entaconada'?
  2. Tampiqueña

    Tampiqueña Senior Member

    Tampico, Tamaulipas
    Español, México
    En México "entaconada" se usa para referirse a una mujer que trae zapatos de tacón alto.
  3. Satirycon Senior Member

    Ciudad de Tar
    It's a peculiar way to say she's wearing high heels. "She is on high heels" It usually tries to express a positive opinion, like saying that she looks pretty. For example: "Se veía bien guapa, entaconada y toda la cosa"
  4. melj790 New Member

    St. Lucia
    gracias. :)

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