eres de lo que no hay

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  1. mijoch Banned

    British English
    Hello all.

    In a recent thread, "eres de los que no hay" can have the meaning of "you're too much".

    Then "eres de lo que no hay" turned up. I haven't been able to find the meaning for this.

    What meaning does it have in Spanish, and is it translatable to English?

    Many thanks

  2. LA_Andaluza

    LA_Andaluza Senior Member

    Español (Spain)
    I think "eres de lo que no hay" has positive connotations. I'd translate it as "you're one in a million".
    You can also use it ironically, meaning "you're the worst person ever".
  3. mijoch Banned

    British English
    Hi LA Andaluza.

    Thanks for replying so quickly.

    That makes perfect sense to me.

    All I have to do now is work out which one I am!!!!


  4. Senior Member

    Another possible translation: "You are something else."

  5. cyberjohnny Senior Member

    Spanish Spain
    Another suggestion: "You are priceless."

  6. aldonzalorenzo

    aldonzalorenzo Senior Member

    castellano de España
    Without context, if I read that sentence, I'd take it as something ironic or negative.

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