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erroneamente spesso intese come...

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by italiandesigner, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. italiandesigner Junior Member

    Buongiorno e scusate ma..
    ..questo "erronemente" mi mette in crisi.

    La frase che ho tradotto è:
    ...[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]candele, erroneamente spesso intese come oggetti di design.[/FONT]
    trad:...[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]candles, which are often wrongly understood as objects of design.

    Mi suona strana...any suggestion? tnx
  2. Yulan

    Yulan Senior Member

    Ciao Italian :)

    Forse puoi dire "... mistakenly considered as objects of design".

    Aspettiamo ...
  3. Enigmista

    Enigmista Senior Member

    Aggiungerei: ...which are often wrongly considered/meant as objects of design..
  4. elfa

    elfa Senior Member

    Bath, England
    I like this, though the problem I think is that both "erroneously" and "mistakenly" make the statement a somewhat personal opinion about whether or not candles are a design object.

    If you use "inaccurately", would that help to make it less personal?

    ...which are often inaccurately perceived as design objects.

    PS I like Enigmista's "wrongly considered"
  5. Yulan

    Yulan Senior Member

    Hello Elfa,

    Hope you're doing great!
    (Indeed I vote for your interpretation and version :thumbsup:)

    Ciao :)
  6. italiandesigner Junior Member

    it fits better with my idea.
    thank you
    regards from florence

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