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  1. allelopath Senior Member

    English - US
    Mi libro de ejercicios dice:

    esta casa (this house)
    estas casas (these houses)

    este libro (this book)
    estos libro (these books)

    So the "este" is an anomaly. Comprendo.
    Sin embargo, veo la frase:
    ¿Qué es esto?

    Where did this "esto" come from?
  2. Aidanriley

    Aidanriley Senior Member

    SD, California
    It should say 'estos libros'

    Esto in ¿qué es esto? means 'this' when not talking about a concrete thing, like when you aren't sure what something is. With 'este' it would take 'cuál' (¿cuál es este?) instead of 'qué' and it would have the meaning of 'which one is this?'

    The same happens with ese/esa/esos/esas/eso (that)
  3. Istriano

    Istriano Senior Member

    From the Latin neutrum istud :)
  4. allelopath Senior Member

    English - US
    >>It should say 'estos libros'
    Si, gracias. ¿Cómo se dice "typo", ie "typographical error" en español?
  5. Hector9

    Hector9 Senior Member

    ¿Qué es esto? -> What is this?

    I'm not sure if I understood your question properly.

    typo (click)

    Al parecer significa "error tipográfico" (that is, typographical error)
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2012
  6. Pinairun

    Pinairun Senior Member

    Error tipográfico o errata: Como escribir 'estos libro' por 'estos libros'
  7. allelopath Senior Member

    English - US
    I was asking how to say "typographical error" in Spanish.
    I read the link 'typo' link ... I like 'dedazo'.

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