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  1. Lindelea

    Lindelea Senior Member

    Hi everybody, I'd like to know how to translate the next sentence to english "Esto es un robo". The situation is thiefs getting into a bank to rob it. Here goes my attempt : "This is an assault", I'm not sure about the word "assault" because I think It's used in a more military context, but I'm not sure.

    Thanks in advance and free feel to correct any mistake I could possibly made while writting this tread.
  2. turi Senior Member

    En un lugar de Catalunya
    Catalán y castellano.
    Yo creo que es mejor "this is a robbery".

    Saludos, t.
  3. Aidanriley

    Aidanriley Senior Member

    SD, California
    Popular in bank robbery movies/shows:
    This is a stick up! Everybody do as we say or else!
  4. Lindelea

    Lindelea Senior Member

    thanks both! :)

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