1. AACO Member

    Comment dire en anglais "et voilà"
  2. Conchita57

    Conchita57 Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish - Spain/French - Switzerland
    Selon le contexte, "et voilà" peut se traduire par :

    - there!
    - there you are!
    - there you go!
    - voila!
    - ...
  3. Suehil

    Suehil Medemod

    Tillou, France
    British English
    There are many other possibilities, depending on the context.

    Please, AACO, always give the context of your question, otherwise it is impossible for anyone to give you a good answer.
  4. AACO Member

    Le contexte :
    " Et voilà notre emission est deja finie "
  5. marcolo

    marcolo Senior Member

    Bordeaux, France
    France, french
    I know that it is not a translation of "voila", but I think that english will prefer to say :

    And that's it... The show is already over :(
    Don't be sad, we'll be back next week :)
  6. échalote Member

    Canada French
    ...or you could say that's about it or that's it for today...
  7. keumar83 Senior Member

    J'ai déjà entendu... "et voila" en anglais :rolleyes:
  8. williamc Senior Member

    england english

    and "so there!"

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