Etymology of the name Sven

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  1. osemnais Senior Member

    Does anybody know the etymology of the name Sven?
  2. LilianaB Senior Member

    US New York
    Young man or young warrior from Old Norse.
  3. Halfdan Junior Member

    Canadian English
    Yup. It's an Old Swedish and modern Swedish and Danish variant (Svend is more common in Denmark) of the Old Norse sveinn meaning boy, lad, young man, free servant.
  4. NorwegianNYC Senior Member

    New York, NY, USA
    English boatswain is from the same root.
  5. djmc Senior Member

    English - United Kingdom
    In archaic English it is often used to mean shepherd particularly in pastoral poetry. For example "Tell me ye swains that have conquered the fair". When we were at school we thought that this was really funny as the name of the writer of our mathematics textbook was Swain.
  6. NorwegianNYC Senior Member

    New York, NY, USA
    Svend (Da.) / svenn (No.) still means 'journeyman' (the degree above apprentice) in Danish and Norwegian.

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