faire usage de vs. utiliser

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  1. AnjanaSofia New Member

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    Is there any difference in meaning between "faire usage de qqch" and "utiliser qqch?" The sentence I have in mind is:

    To accomplish this goal, they can only use one method...

    Pour atteindre ce but, ils ne peuvent utiliser qu'une seule méthode...
    Pour atteindre ce but, ils ne peuvent faire usage que d'une seule méthode...

    Which sentence sounds better in French? And is there any significant semantic difference between the two?

  2. SwissPete

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    Faire usage does not sound right in this instance, but I can't tell you why...
  3. Valosh

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    Only the first sentence is correct.
  4. Ploupinet

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    "Faire usage" is rather used with something not well-defined: "faire usage de ses connaissances", "faire usage de sa force" for example. But I don't think your 1st sentence is incorrect, I just think this not a day-to-day French! And to be honnest, both sentences seem to be correct for me, the second is only more litteral...

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