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Falta leve por exceso de velocidad

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by Tom ate, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Tom ate Junior Member

    Español- España
    ¿Como podría traducir falta leve por exceso de velocidad?

    Minor misconduct for speed excess?

  2. Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    Mi intento: Minor speeding offence.
  3. Tom ate Junior Member

    Español- España
    Muchas gracias
  4. micafe

    micafe Senior Member

    United States
    Spanish - Colombia
    In the United States it would be "offense" ;)
  5. Tobi Junior Member

    MN USA
    Mexico, Spanish
    in this corner of the world we call faltas "petty misdemeanors"
  6. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

    SF Bay Area, California
    American English
    A speeding violation under California law is an "infraction."
  7. David Senior Member

    speeding ticket, in informal context

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