Family is my Strength

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  1. alfie55555 New Member

    Hi guys,

    its my first post so here goes!

    I'd love to know what

    'Strength is my Family'
    'Family is my Strength'

    would translate to in Latin. Much love and appreciation for any help!

    Alf x
  2. GreenWhiteBlue

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    "Family is my strength" would be Familia fortis meus. It might be compared to the opening verse of Psalm 143/144, which in English is "Blessed be the Lord my strength", but in Latin is benedictus Dominus fortis meus.

    I am not sure what "strength is my family" means in English, let alone how to translate it into Latin.
  3. modus.irrealis Senior Member

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    It's odd though that the Latin there has fortis, which is after all an adjective. I would have expected something like fortitudo mea, which also occurs in the Bible.
  4. alfie55555 New Member

    thanks guys :)
  5. alfie55555 New Member

    A bit more research led me to

    'familia est meus fortitudo' translated to 'family is my strength'

    In this instance would 'est' be needed, taking into account that 'fortitudo' is not an adjective?????

    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the correct latin to be :

    'familia meus fortitudo' - 'family is my strength'

    Would greatly appreciate your suggestions guys, struggling student in need!!! x
  6. modus.irrealis Senior Member

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    The est is optional, and it does sound better to me without it in this sort of phrase. With fortitudo, however, because it's feminine, you have to use mea instead of meus. And mea generally follows its noun, as in GreenWhiteBlue's sentence -- if you put it in the middle, with both nouns being feminine, it becomes somewhat ambiguous which noun the mea goes with.
  7. alfie55555 New Member

    Thanks modus.irrealis,

    So in your opinion the correct translation is 'familia fortitudo mea', that sounds to me the best conclusion too.

    Is there a masculine alternative to 'fortitudo' so that 'meus' will follow the noun? The main reason I am asking is that I am writing a small performance sketch in Latin with the main character, in this instance a male, quoting 'family is my strength' at the end scene.

    I just really need to make sure this line is accurate as it ties the whole performance together.

    Many thanks for all your help.
  8. clara mente Senior Member

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    I think Modus' rendition is the best choice here, and unfortunately, the other alternatives which come to mind are also feminine, i.e. "vis" and "potentia".
  9. modus.irrealis Senior Member

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    About fortis meus, I just realized that this is literally "my strong one" which makes sense -- I wonder if it reflects something in the original Hebrew.

    Yes, I meant familia fortitudo mea is what I'd go with. And there's no disconnect between it being a male speaker and using mea, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  10. alfie55555 New Member

    thanks modus.irrealis,

    i greatly appreciate your help!!!

    i will let you know how the performance goes!!!

    alf x
  11. Pfeast14 New Member

    Hello all. I need some help. I was wondering would changing this phrase from strength is my family to my strength in my family simply require a mea at the beginning? Thanks for any help
  12. Cagey post mod

    English - US
    Hello Pfeast14.

    I don't think a change in word order is going to accomplish what you want it to. However, we can help you better if you explain more fully what you it is want to say, using other words. :)
  13. Scholiast

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    These can, neither of them, be correct, as both familia and fortitudo are feminine.

    Rhetorically, both

    fortitudo mea familia


    familia mea fortitudo


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