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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Jackie4ever, Nov 3, 2009.

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    When a person runs into an old friend in a shoping mall and says "Hey, fancy meeting you here." What does that mean? I looked it up in a dictionary, but still have no clue. I guess it means either being surprised or being happy to see that person.

    Thanks in advance.^^

    I saw this in a book, but there's no explanation.
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    'Fancy' suggests something hard to imagine, and it already indicates surprise to some extent. Besides, 'fancy', when followed by a verb as its object, that verb should be in the v-ing form, according to grammar.
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    Yes, that's it: "What a surprise meeting you here!" (It's something I hadn't expected, wouldn't have imagined happening.)
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    England English
    I think the location ("here") plays a part. If you normally only see someone at a pub, then meeting them in church at a wedding would be surprising.
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    In my experience, this phrase about "chance" meetings is almost always meant tongue-in-cheek-- something you'd say to the regulars at your favorite watering hole. There is no real surprise involved, quite the contrary.

    In the same facetious spirit, if you bumped into a couple of the same guys in an elevator later that day, you might say "I guess you're wondering why I called this conference."

    On the way home you get into a fender-bender, and these same jokers are in the other car. You say "hey, we've got to stop meeting like this."
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    Thank you all. I checked this thread quite late and didn't leave a message to say "thank you", which was rude. Anyway, all the comments obove are very helpful. You guys are the reason why I love this forum. Thank you again~^^

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