Farsi vivo

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by *Eli*, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. *Eli* New Member

    Italy italian
    The english for "farsi vivo" or " presentarsi"
  2. mymicius Senior Member

    i'd say "show up".
  3. moodywop Banned

    Southern Italy
    Italian - Italy
    Show up in British English and just show in American English

    I was supposed to see him last night but the bastard never showed up
  4. Silvia

    Silvia Senior Member

    :eek: :eek:

    First day at school, uh? :rolleyes:
  5. moodywop Banned

    Southern Italy
    Italian - Italy
    yep, and this wop was as moody as ever:)
  6. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

    US, English
    AE - showed or showed up (I only use the second, personally)
  7. Adel Junior Member

    Italy Italian
    Se il significato è "non presentarsi", "non venire (ad un appuntamento di variotipo) Io direi anche "turn up".
    Per es.: The class started at 9.00 but she/he didn't turn up.
  8. Artrella Banned

    Ciao! Ieri ho domandato questo in spagnolo, vorrei sapere se quella frase in italiano significa lo stesso che in spagnolo. Allora portreste dirmi che vuol dire?
  9. moodywop Banned

    Southern Italy
    Italian - Italy
    Actually I think we recently discussed farsi vivo and I and others translated it as show up.

    However I'm pleased you brought it up again because I've found that even dictionaries(not just native speakers:) ) disagree with each other!

    Some dictionaries only give show(up). Others - including my trusted Italian dictionary - only give the meaning dar notizie di sé(be in touch).

    It's actually used in both meanings but isn't it odd how we all forgot about the second(very common) sense? Well at least I did!

    Gli avrò detto cento volte della mia festa ma sabato sera non si è fatto vivo/non si è visto(he didn't show up)

    Fatti vivo di tanto in tanto = pleae keep in touch/don't be a stranger

    Doveva chiamarmi ieri ma non si è fatto vivo = he was supposed to call me yesterday but he never did/I didn't hear from him

    Beh, fatti vivo tu allora = OK, I'll be expecting to hear from you or just OK, you call me then

    I think we've covered every possible situation farsi vivo is used in. But with language(s) you never know...

  10. Silvia B

    Silvia B Senior Member

    Italy - Italian
    Significa "fatti sentire" "fatti vedere"

    Es. "buone vacanze! fatti vivo quando ritorni che usciamo a bere qualcosa insieme!"

  11. Artrella Banned

    Sii Moody, tu hai ragione, ora ricordo. Ma stavo sentendo una canzone e ho ascoltato quella frase e mi sono confusa con quella in spagnolo.
    Scusa a tutti per lo sbaglio...e grazie per rispondere.
  12. cchloe Junior Member

    usa / english
    Please help me translate this, i have managed to translate the rest of a very long letter....thanks everyone

    ...mi piacerebbe vederti,magari fai un pò di vacanza da quelle parti... fatti viva, ti penso spesso..

    i would like to see (you?? or it??- as in a place), i wish to have a little vacation before i go...(fatti viva???) i think of you often...
  13. Elisa68 Senior Member

    Italy Language:Italian
    I would like to see you. While you're there, why not have a break/vacation? Keep in touch, I think of you often...
  14. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

    US, English
    Wouldn't you say in addition to "keep in touch," it can also be used as "Don't be a stranger"?
  15. queentr48

    queentr48 Junior Member

    "Fatti Viva" literally means "make yourself alive" so the " do not be a stranger is quite appropriate.
  16. Alxmrphi Senior Member

    Reykjavík, Ísland
    UK English
    Jana brought up this verb in another thread, I went to look it up, wasn't in the dictionary, but I saw this thread.

    The dictionary definition of this verb would be .. "to show up/to turn up"
    and it is used for meeting people, and if they didn't turn up you would say it, and this is roughly all to this verb, or does it have dark secret other meaning, as Italian verbs tend to do?
  17. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    I can't think about any secret meaning...

    "...ma quella stronza:warn: non si è fatta viva" would be how I'd tell a friend about a girl who stood me up and didn't show up to a date.
  18. kan3malato

    kan3malato Senior Member

    Does it make sense to you all?:eek:
    "I know..sorry It's a while that I don't show up".

    Tray you all translate it in Italian(just native English I mean....)
  19. Alxmrphi Senior Member

    Reykjavík, Ísland
    UK English
    It doesn't make sense, I don't exactly understand what you mean.
    Has it been a while since the last time you "showed up"?
  20. kan3malato

    kan3malato Senior Member

    I mean:
    "lo so scusa..E' da un pò che non mi faccio vivo".
  21. Panpan

    Panpan Senior Member

    Sawbridgeworth, UK
    England, English
    It makes sense if you are talking about showing up somewhere where you are expected regularly, like a class or a club. If it is somewhere you often go, but not at any particular time, you can also say
    "I know..sorry It's a while since I last showed my face".

  22. moodywop Banned

    Southern Italy
    Italian - Italy
    Actually kan has rightly mentioned a second meaning of "farsi vivo" which we had forgotten to mention.

    A few days after this thread was opened last September a badly-missed forera brought up the topic again and helped us come up with a more comprehensive explanation: link

    You will also often hear: si è rifatto vivo (often suggesting it's the last thing you wanted)

    Oh the good old days when foreros used to all pitch in and work together to discover new nuances, instead of just giving pat one-line replies...
  23. kan3malato

    kan3malato Senior Member

    Thank you guys!! very helpful:)
  24. angelico76 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    dovrei dire:
    - l'altra volta rimanemmo (i.e. rimanere d'accordo) che mi sarei fatto vivo alla fine del mese....

    What I'm trying to say is that we (this guy and I) agreed I'd have kept in touch with him under some circumstances....

    Any help?
  25. TrentinaNE Senior Member

    English (American)
    How about: Last time we agreed that you'd hear from me by/at the end of the month. ??

  26. lingogal Senior Member

    U.S. English
  27. angelico76 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    Perfetto! In questo caso non va bene "show up" o "turn up" ma sicuramente "hear from me"....Mi spiace ma mica mi veniva in mente è?
  28. WKLIZE

    WKLIZE Senior Member

    Rome-Italy Italian
    stood me up sarebbe mi ha dato buca?
  29. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
  30. WKLIZE

    WKLIZE Senior Member

    Rome-Italy Italian
    thanks a lot
  31. nbkc4d8 Senior Member

    USA English
    Would "fatti vedere" mean the same thing as "fatti viva"...."Don't be a stranger" or "Keep in touch!"
  32. Allen3 Junior Member

    C'è un modo di tradurre in inglese il modo di dire 'farsi vivi' mantenedo la corrispondenza con vita? Qualcosa con live, o alive quindi?
    Per dire 'quando qualcuno non si fa vivo ecc..'.


    P.M. Forum utilissimo, bravi.
  33. TimLA

    TimLA Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    English - US
    Ciao Allen!

    L'ho cercato un po' con google e non l'ho trovato,
    ma il mio libro "2001 Espressioni Idiomatiche Italiane e Inglesi" m'ha aiutato!:)

    È dato come "to show up".

    Vediamo se riusciamo a costruire frasi simile con "live"...o qualcosa.:D

    If you don't show up____at the meeting, you lose your position.
    If you are not there live _at the meeting, you lose your position.
    If you are not live______ at the meeting, you lose your position.
    If you are not there alive at the meeting, you lose your position. (scherzosa, ironica)

    Non l'ho mai visto "farsi vivi" - ma sarà molto utile a me...grazie per la domanda!:):thumbsup:
    Last edited: May 25, 2008
  34. Necsus

    Necsus Senior Member

    Formello (Rome)
    Italian (Italy)
    Ciao, Allen e Tim. Sia OP che Hazon traducono farsi vivo con to turn up...
  35. TimLA

    TimLA Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    English - US
    Ciao Necsus!:)
    Per fortuna, turn up = show up
  36. mermigki Junior Member

    Nel caso che cerchi di un' espressione come "fatti vivo" o "teniamoci in contatto" potresti usare "don't be a stranger", pero' non sono sicura se intendi dire qualcosa del genere.. :eek:
    Last edited: May 26, 2008
  37. Allen3 Junior Member

    Volevo sapere se si potesse mantenere la parola 'vivo' dell'idioma.
    Invece nell'accezione di 'farsi sentire'? Sempre mantenendo intatto il significato letterale.
  38. Angel.Aura

    Angel.Aura del Mod, solo L'aura

    Roma, Italia
    Ciao Allen3,
    Un thread, un argomento.
    Per tornare a "farsi vivi" usando lo stesso termine, pare che in inglese non esista.
  39. traven Junior Member

    Brazilian - Portuguese
    "RIFATTO VIVO" vuol dire che cosa esattamente?

    Potrei usare invece "ieri molto molto maleducatamente non mi sono fatto vivo." con lo stesso senso?
  40. baldpate

    baldpate Senior Member

    UK, English
    It is mentioned earlier in post #14 by moodywop
    The ri- prefix I think just means "again" (or maybe "yet again" if you want to emphasise the unwanted/undesireable aspect suggested by moodywop).

    si è rifatto vivo - he turned up yet again ... (and, yet again, we weren't happy to see him!).

    In your sentence, if I had missed my appointment several previous times, and did so again yesterday, I think the same applies - yesterday, yet again I didn't show/turn up : how very rude of me :D:eek:!
    In this sense I'd say "rifatto" is better than "fatto".
  41. lingogal Senior Member

    U.S. English
    When the sense is negative, one could say "He turned up like a bad penny." at least in my version of AE.:)

    Regarding the "live" part of the Italian expression, all I can think of that would be remotely related is "in the flesh" or "in person".

    Just my two cents (pennies)...
  42. horseman Senior Member

    Italy, Campania
    I've heard the phrase "ti fai vivo"...Does it mean .."you showed up!"...?
  43. pattyfashiion Senior Member

  44. Miss funny Junior Member

    Italian - Rome

    come tradurreste il seguente text message:

    Ciao tesoro, mi manchi, quando arrivi a casa fatti vivo cosi ci sentiamo


    Miss F.
  45. AlabamaBoy Senior Member

    Alabama, USA
    American English
    Forse ti aiuterebbe questo thread: farsi vivo. (Hi sweetie, I miss you, when you get home, just come over/show up. See you soon.)
  46. Alfry

    Alfry Senior Member

    Essendo un sms io sarei breve, più o meno così: Hi honey, miss you, get in touch with me as soon as you get home
  47. Miss funny Junior Member

    Italian - Rome

    Grazie :)
  48. rrose17

    rrose17 Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Il mio amico, sempre ironico, aveva i problemi col suo celluare e al fine ha scoperto che no ho mai ricevuto gli sms che mi ha mandato. Dice
    Ma tu perche non ti sei fatto vivo (rude word)?!
    I'm at a loss. Is it something like Why didn't you make it work?
  49. Blackman

    Blackman Senior Member

    Island of Sardinia, Italy
    Why didn't you show up?
  50. Curandera Senior Member

    Hi rrose,

    It's not rude.

    Ma perché non ti sei fatto vivo = why didn't you give any sign you were still alive by giving me a ring/contacting me/keeping in touch with me. (literally)

    Finalmente si fece vivo = At last he arrived/turned up/showed up/came

    Fatti vivo di tanto in tanto = Give us a call every now and then/don't disappear/don't lose touch/show up/let me know about you

    Hope this makes sense.

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