1. hibiscus_red New Member

    english canada
    How could i say "fashion statement" in french? The context is "everyone wants to make their own fashion statement".

    Any ideas?

    Je veux savoir comment dire "fashion statement" en francais. le context c'est "tout le monde veut faire so propre <fashion statement>"

    Vous avez des idées?
  2. linguist786 Senior Member

    Blackburn, England
    English, Gujarati & Urdu
    Tout le monde veut montrer sa propre déclaration de la mode?

    grr.. sounds too literal, doesn't it?
  3. geve

    geve Senior Member

    France, Paris
    France, French
    Do you have more context, hibiscus red?
    Does the sentence mean that everyone wants to express their opinion on fashion, or wants to create their own fashion?
  4. emma42 Senior Member

    North East USA
    British English
    Tout le monde veut demontrer son style particulier de la mode?

    son cachet particulier?
  5. justcurious Senior Member

    French / France
    That's a tough one !
    I might use an expression "chacun veut affirmer son style" but "style" is not exactly the same as "fashion", I know.
    Can anybody think of something better ?
  6. justcurious Senior Member

    French / France
    ah oui tiens ! "démontrer son sens personnel de la mode"
  7. Quantz

    Quantz Senior Member

    Très difficile. "Fashion statement" est partout dans les magazines de mode, mais la formule est coriace en français.
  8. Moon Palace

    Moon Palace Senior Member

    Effectivement, pas facile. Dans cette revue récente, on parle de "credo de la mode"?
  9. Quantz

    Quantz Senior Member

    Ou bien "credo mode" tout court.
  10. mgarizona

    mgarizona Senior Member

    Phoenix, AZ
    US - American English
    "Credo (de la) mode" sounds very over-arching, more akin a person's 'fashion principles" as it were. A 'fashion statement' is always a singular piece or ensemble which betrays a person's usually well-hidden fashion consciousness.

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