1. otichoc Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    What are the options to say "Merry Christmas", without using Christmas?

  2. LaughingJack Senior Member

    Hampshire, UK
    US, English
    Happy Holidays
  3. otichoc Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Thanks Laughing Jack, I also found:

    Warmest wishes
    Happy Holiday season
    Best wishes

    Any other? Thanx
  4. begoña fernandez Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    yo tengo Season's Greetings

  5. otichoc Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Gracias BF, no la conocía, pero parece que es bastante utilizada.
  6. mandarina in Bath Senior Member

    Spain, spanish
    ¿Cómo se puede decir en general, en vez de decir feliz navidad?
  7. Sallyb36

    Sallyb36 Senior Member

    Liverpool UK
    British UK
    happy holidays, seasons greetings
  8. JohanG Senior Member

    Vancouver Canada
    English, Canada
    Merry Christmas
  9. Gucho New Member

    He leído las definiciones de Felices Fiestas, pero quisiera saber si pueden ayudarme un poco mas. Tengo que traducir esta frase para países que no celebran la navidad. La frase exacta es Mi familia y yo les deseamos felices fiestas. Gracias
  10. clot Senior Member

    viña del mar
    chile español
    yo diria: happy holidays

  11. danishka Senior Member

    US/Spain English/Spanish
    Genéricamente es "Happy Holidays". (My family and I wish you Happy Holidays"). Aunque si no se celebra la Navidad, tampoco deberías de desearles felices fiestas...
    En cualquier caso "Seasons Greetings" o "Best wishes for the New Year" son bastante genéricos.
  12. shmuc Junior Member

    Felíz Navidad y Felices Fiestas

    Yo estoy acostumbrada a ver: "Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year"

    ¿Hay alguna forma para decir: "Felices Fiestas" ?

    ¿Alguna propuesta?
  13. MSanchezC Senior Member

  14. ludovic111

    ludovic111 Banned

    Live from México-español/English
    Happy Holidays y Season's Greetings, que cada día se imponen más en Estados Unidos por ser políticamente correctos (sirven para los de muchas religiones, y no sólo para los cristianos).
  15. Tezzaluna

    Tezzaluna Senior Member

    Olympia, Washington, USA
    US English and Costa Rica Spanish

    Felices fiestas es Season's Greetings.

  16. shmuc Junior Member

    Perfecto, Eso Es Lo Que Buscaba.
  17. vcostandy Senior Member

    American English
    ¨Happy holidays¨ sería lo mejor. ¨Seasons greetings¨ es un saludo...no sirve como despedida
  18. ChocolateLover Senior Member

    Hola a todos:

    ¿Me podrían decir si "felices fiestas" significa "feliz Navidad"/Merry Christmas, por favor?

    Muchas gracias
  19. juandiego

    juandiego SE modera

    Granada. España
    Spanish from Spain
    No, it doesn't, Chocolatelover. However, I can't think of a time of the year other than Christmas in which we use "felices fiestas" naturally. So that, although "fiestas" in that case is synonymous of "holydays" and there are also other holydays throughout the year, oddly we only use it then.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2008
  20. sifueratica Senior Member

    upstate New York
    English - United States
    Felices fiestas is Happy Holidays :)
  21. shreck2 Senior Member

    On the other side, I would like to point out that the correct sentence would be "Felices Navidades", that is in plural, and not in singular. This practice is commonly spread, but incorrect.

    Another issue: "Holydays" (with capital "h") is the translation for "Navidad". Not many people seem to know this, and for this reason we can here and there hear horribly translated films where "la gente va a pasar/celebrar las vacaciones a casa de sus familiares". Auch!! doesn't it hurt your ear?? hahaha.

    Good night!
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  22. ChocolateLover Senior Member

    Thank you very much


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