fermento lattico - fermenti lattici

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by mortimerjo, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. mortimerjo Junior Member

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    In Italia esiste una sostanza, fermento lattico, per proteggere lo stomaco quando si prendono medicinali. Qualcuno sa se esiste negli USA, e come si chiama in inglese? Grazie mille
  2. k_georgiadis

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    Milk enzymes?
  3. Memimao Senior Member

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    Milk ferments definitely exist; they are the various bacteria that are present in milk and produce yoghourt etc.

    I have never come across them outside Italy for the digestion aiding use mentioned. Brewer's yeast (lievito di birra = B vitamins) were once given to me for this;)
  4. mortimerjo Junior Member

    Barcelona (Spain)
    Spain, Spanish
    Thank you very much. It seems that the generic complex to protect the stomac and restore the flora is named "probiotics".
  5. prof80 Junior Member

    Can anyone translate theses two words don't have a clue what they mean:
    Entrambi i prodotti sono costituiti da una miscela di fermenti lattici omofermentanti ed eterofermentanti costituita da:
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  6. w120barby

    w120barby Senior Member

    omofermentanti = "omo" was a Greek word meaning "same", so, omofermentati means fermented with (by ?) the same enzymes, (or enzymes of the same nature).
    eterofermentanti has the opposite meaning.
  7. miri

    miri Senior Member

    "Omofermentanti" is "homofermentative"
    "Eterofermentanti" is "heterofermentative".
  8. w120barby

    w120barby Senior Member

    oops I apologice, I misread. Avevo letto omofermentati ... chiedo scusa
  9. prof80 Junior Member

    thanks a million guys
  10. tessitrice1 New Member

    in USA fermenti lattici = probiotics

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