Fingers crossed!

Discussion in 'Türkçe (Turkish)' started by KoKi13, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. KoKi13 Junior Member


    Could someone please help with a translation of the expression "Fingers crossed" in Turkish, to wish for a good outcome, for good luck etc...

    Thanks a lot
  2. Guner

    Guner Senior Member

    "Bol Şans!" (like the French "Bonne chance!")
    "İyi şanslar!"
    "Şansın açık olsun!"
    "Umarım ....... olur!"

    PS: If you are after a "God speed!" type meaning then traditionally "İnşallah!" can be used, although it is originally in Arabic but used a lot in Turkey.
    For a Turkish one but still with a religious twist you can say "Tanrı/Allah yardımcın olsun!"
  3. KoKi13 Junior Member

    Cheers Guner! Teşekkürler :)
  4. ancalimon Senior Member

    Godspeed would be "yolun açık olsun" in Turkish "shall your road be open"
  5. Guner

    Guner Senior Member

    Well....not exactly me thinks :)
    Although you can use it for and it has a very similar meaning to "yolun açık olsun" Godspeed originally means "God speed you on your way".
    And it is not commonly used (in Australia anyway) without a religious twist.
    Hence it is more like "Tanrı yardımcın olsun!/Tanrı işini kolaylaştırsın!/Tanrı yolunu açsın/açık etsin!"

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