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  1. invesania Junior Member

    Spanish Costa Rica
    I'm translating the editorial calendar of a construction magazine, and the word "formaleta" came up. I can't give you any context because it's a list, so it doesn't say anything else.

    According to the DRAE, "formaleta" is:

    (Del cat. formalet, arco de medio punto).

    1. f. Armazón que sostiene un arco.

    2. f. C. Rica. Armazón de madera con que se construye una viga o cualquier pieza de cemento.

    Does anyone know what "formaleta" is and how to translate it into English?
  2. rholt Senior Member

    What else is in the list?
    Puede ser un encofrado.
    También aveces usado para una paleta o estiba.
  3. invesania Junior Member

    Spanish Costa Rica
    ¡Gracias Rholt!

    But I don't think the items in the list are related to each other... it's just a list of the topics to be included in that issue. Here it is:

    • Fachadas: Pieles vítreas
    • Pinturas para madera
    • Sist. de Seguridad en edificaciones públicas y hogares
    • Tecnología del agua: Pegamentos para tubería PVC
  4. rholt Senior Member

    then it must be about encofrados.

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