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    The problem with à/en has been brought up in other threads but since they are closed I have decided to open a new one. Please feel free to move it to a better place.
    From the information provided in this forum I understand that whilst it should be 'habiter à Avignon` (since it is a city), one uses en because it is easier to pronounce. Do we do this with all the cities beginning with the vowel a or just with Avignon? Many thanks once again.
  2. Maître Capello

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    First, the use of en before cities is definitely not related in any way to the pronunciation. As a matter of fact, en used to be used in the Middle Ages before cities, especially in Southern France.

    Nowadays, the use of en with Avignon is definitely a special case specific to this city (which also happened to be a papal state in the 14th and 15th centuries) and to a few others, especially to those beginning with an A such as Arles.

    At any rate, you can still use à with these cities (including Avignon). Even more so, à is far more common than en. In short, I recommend using à before all cities, but would keep in mind that en is also possible for a select few such as Avignon…
  3. Ellea1

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    We said à Avignon et en Arles.:) I was about to say 'en Avignon', but after checking I come across a website about Avignon which says 'à Avignon'.

    Here is the link You will be able to read it in English.
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  4. itka Senior Member

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    I think that nowadays nobody says "en Arles". I always heard "à Arles" like "à Avignon".
  5. Ellea1

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    It is always 'en Arles'. Only, people who are not from the 'Pays d'Arles' don't particularly know that. I made the mistake and was corrected. :)

    Or the way to say it has changed and nobody told me lol
  6. Maître Capello

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    Then you were wrongly corrected because à Avignon and à Arles are definitely also correct! :p
  7. Ellea1

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    I have just checked with a friend living in Avignon.

    Apparently either en an à are accepted regarding Avignon and Arles :)
  8. Yelrihs36 New Member

    I'm writing a reply to a friend of mine and I wanted to say that "I would love to return to Montpellier but I also want to go to Antibes" and I have a problem with the "to Antibes" part... I know that for cities the general rule is to use à, but what if the city name starts with a vowel? Because "à Antibes" sounds strange to me... Is it similar to Avignon where I would have to use en?
  9. atcheque

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    à Antibes:tick:
    en Avignon :tick: n'est qu'une particularité (avec Alexandrie).
  10. snarkhunter

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    ... Alexandrie ?!
    N'aurais-tu pas voulu dire plutôt Arles ?

    A ma connaissance, Avignon et Arles sont en effet les deux exceptions françaises, justifiées par le fait que ces deux communes aient jadis été des royaumes.
  11. atcheque

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    Oui, il y a Arles aussi. (Je mets jamais les pieds là-bas mais je lis Astérix :))
  12. djweaverbeaver Senior Member

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    Quand on parle de la ville, il faudrait privilégier le à: à Avignon, à Arles. Voici une belle explication sur l'évolution des deux. "À Alexandrie ou en Alexandrie", c'était dans Astérix et Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre, mais là encore il faudrait dire et écrire à Alexandrie pour la ville.
  13. Toastrack

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    British English - which might be expected to know - says 'la formule " en Avignon ", si elle permet d’éviter un hiatus quelque peu dissonant, est toutefois incorrecte lorsqu’elle s’applique à la ville contenue dans ses limites communales.' But that it would be acceptable - for historical reasons - if you were referring to the town of Avignon and the surrounding areas.
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  14. jann

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  15. janpol

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    « par imitation de l'usage occitan ou par l'archaïsme, on a employé « en » à la place de « à » devant les noms de villes qui commencent par « a ». (Grevisse).
    Suivent des exemples pris chez les meilleurs auteurs : en Aix, Alès, Amiens, Aubervilliers, Alger, Alep, Alexandrie etc.
  16. djweaverbeaver Senior Member

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    Dans un des fils qu'a posté Jann, on parle aussi d'Antibes. Presque tout le monde s'accorde à dire qu'il faut dire à Antibes.

    L'Académie française donne cette explication:

    De plus, selon Le Français correct : Guide pratique des difficultés, on trouve ceci:

  17. J.F. de TROYES Senior Member

    I have relatives living in Antibes and I can confirm that the only possible preposition is à, vivre à Antibes, se rendre à Antibes. As for en Arles, en Avignon, it sounds a bit old-fashioned, as it was already said.

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